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Hogwarts Legacy He came back to talk about it during the recent show dedicated to fatigue Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. During the show, the duration of which was short but enough to get a more in-depth idea of ​​the game, he showed a difference some aspects of the game, some very interesting and some not.

Among the many things that appeared duringHogwarts Legacy’s newest playable gallery And not only that, in fact, various elements of fun action were shown, as a result of the intellectual property of Warner Bros. and the works of J.K. Rowling. In general, although what was shown to the general public cannot be defined in any way as “exciting”, we can note from the presentation on November 11 A fun experience that seeks to present adventure in its original way, with some elements that set it apart from gaming standards in recent years. The entire presentation is dedicated to three basic elements:

  • character invention
  • Hogwarts Castle Tour
  • combat system

Exactly what showed the strength of the men’s work at Avalanche Software was Hogwarts Legacy Character Creation System. In fact, the huge amount and quality of content in the editor ensures a High level of customization and experienceOr rather, your personality -, with a system that will impress fans of this stage of their adventure and will also be able to convince the least accustomed to editing their digital photo.

However, the rest of the presentation tried to show the strong technical backbone of the product: although it is a gameplay scene of the non-final version of the game, it is, in fact, the lighting system of the environments, as well as the system of some models and textures of the face A very good and painstaking work for Avalanche Software. We’re struggling with cross-platform production that shows off the muscle of the latest generation of consoles, even if it’s not an exclusive next-generation project.

World building for this amazing fantasy world In some moments of the gameplay scene, allowing us to reflect on the fun, technical and aesthetic possibilities of Hogwarts Legacy. The Magical School of Hogwarts has never looked this good, although we will have to wait for the start of the new year to be able to indulge in such an organized experience. However, the remainder of the presentation illustrates the general limitations of the experiment: although it will be necessary to wait for the final version to arrive before being able to make a final judgment on the following, Hogwarts Legacy’s true Achilles heel seems to be the combat system.

During the show, very short moments of the fight were shown, which featured a significant structural limit. In general, a short fight was shown against two fellow academicians, surrounded by a colorful protective barrier that allows the player to understand what kind of spell is needed to break it. However, the actual playing time is too short to make a much deeper judgment. This is how Hogwarts Legacy ends, but what do you think? Tell us what you think below in the comments.

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