Chant Loy aims to prevent breast cancer | News

The great American prolific has defeated disease and is fighting for her trial to be a warning to all women

Chant Lowe He is the record holder in the United States Women’s high jump with the 2.05 . gauge He jumped in 2010 and can, in all respects, be considered one of the greatest specialists of all time with a record of only four centimeters more than the unbeatable world record, dated 1987, of the Bulgarian Stefka Georgieva Kostadinova.

Chaunt, who turned 37 on January 12, has competed in four Olympics, winning a bronze in five circuits, a silver at the World Outdoor Championships, a gold in an indoor tournament and, despite being a competitive athlete for more than 20 years, in During her brilliant career, she also had the chance to have three children.

The story of a great heroine who did not give up the greatest joy of a woman, which is certainly motherhood, for her sport, but then found from her one of the greatest motivators to fight the worst battle she had to face, two years ago. in 2019, when she was diagnosed in June aggressive form of breast cancerwhich then required a double mastectomy and five months of grueling chemotherapy sessions.

Consequently, each of her titles has had several impressive performances at the international level, including a 12-time US Champion, giving way to the immense importance that her illness holds in the determination he has. Face.

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