Changing the boiler, an account that will soon oblige you by law

Goodbye gas boilers: the European Union has given a decisive boost to what will be the path of renewables

For a while now, a topic Climate change Global warming occupies the bench between Parliament seats and European Commission. Our continent, in fact, is about to say a final goodbye to gas boilers in the name ofEnvironment Born in savings.


In this regard, the European Union developed another new Objectives On the topic of combat Climate change, expressing new limitations. In fact, from the next few years, the use of standalone gas boilers.

That’s when we have to say goodbye to the kettle

After a long discussion, the European Commission published guiding rules About the energy saving included in the package RePower EU. It’s a plan from 210 billion To achieve the goal of environmental transformation on our continent.

The goal is to bid farewell to autonomous gas boilers As early as 2029, so in 7 years. To achieve this, some will be presented design limits Environmentally friendly with regard to heating systems.

So it will be a path that, at the end of the expected seven years, will lead to a progressive path Removal Gas-fired boilers, which use fossil fuels. These will then need to be replaced with energy resources Less polluting and costly, in order to protect the environment and preserve the savings of citizens.

(Ansa / Maxim Shipnikov)

According to the plan, starting from 2025 All the Privileges That member states agreed to stimulate the purchase of fossil fuel boilers. The same MLM deed must be used to support replacing Of the old plants with the most efficient systems.

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Also, polluted boilers will come lowered in the relevant posters between 2025 and 2026. Thus, the declassified boiler, would contribute to the punishment of Energy rating For the apartment and therefore its sales value.

Therefore, the EU member states are preparing to initiate this change in energy in view of the future goals in terms of environmental protection. there GermanyIn the meantime, I decided to anticipate the times and implement the ban Fossil fuel heating systems installed as early as 2025.

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