Change group voice calls, in order to delight users with a very useful new function

Meta has announced three new features for WhatsApp and a set of sounds to offer users a better experience.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, announces three updates affecting groups. Specifically, vowels.

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Indeed, group voice calls will soon be enriched with: a banner alerting the entry of a participant, the “mute” function to eliminate background noise, sending individual messages from the participants.

WhatsApp: Change group voice calls to make users happy

Groups are one of the most used features by WhatsApp users. Groups are created for many things. For example, to keep in touch with friends or relatives, to organize a party, evening, or vacations.

Within the group chat, you can share photos, documents, messages, and videos with all the participants. It can be a maximum of 512 (previously it was 256).

Updates of this application do not stop. instead of. In fact, after New ‘Exclusive Option’ for GroupsWhatsApp transmits three more news regarding groups. In this way, the developers want to control the generated sounds in very large groups for the best user experience.

The updates will be available in the next few days and will be valid for both Android and iOS devices.

The first novelty relates to the existence of a Signboard (a type of warning label) that will appear when a participant joins the call.

Another novelty is the possibility of using Mute button Then silence other chat members. This way, background noise and related clutter are reduced and what the person is saying is better understood.

Finally, it will be possible to send private messages For individual participants during a group voice call. This way, if you want to deliver something to someone, you don’t have to interrupt storage.

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