Chancellor Pastorelli loses the dog, “social” notice from the municipality. outburst of controversy

The saying goes: “You need luck even when you have a dog.” Because you could find yourself getting lost or being taken care of in a home by loving owners, yes, but they are still just human beings and are treated like everyone else. Then there are the “VIP” dogs, who end up on TV and on the glossy pages of magazines (some of them might – who knows – soon find themselves running around the lanes of the Quirinale). But it is certainly not necessary to be a candidate for the presidency of the republic to have the privileges. You might be the darling dog of a city councilman in central Italy, like Perugia, and even there, in your little way, you can brag about the perks.

Friday night march

social appeal

For example, in case of loss, not only associations will mobilize for you, not only volunteers, but also the municipality, with notices on the Facebook page and even with a press message sent to journalists on the chat used for press releases. This is what happened to little Ortenzio, a very affectionate dog who has had the good fortune to be welcomed into the home of Chancellor Clara Pastorelli, who is specifically a member (in the Fd’I share) of the Municipal Council headed by Mayor Andrea Romesi. Among the most popular and certainly among the most present in the media; Just for his expertise in very popular topics like sports and sports facilities.

Social and institutional mobilization

So it happens that Ortenzio escapes from the control of the owners during an evening in mid-January. He was in Piazza Piccinino, about 7 p.m., for a Friday rally. At one point he walked away and they never saw him again. It is understandable the suffering and the social appeal, many queued up, which Pastorelli herself then thanked on her Facebook page when – fortunately – the dog was found: “Friends, acquaintances, strangers, colleagues, municipality of Perugia, Sportello a 4 Zampe, Origin, Acropolis merchants, social groups, chats neighborhoods ». A list in which the presence of the local health authority and the municipality of Perugia Jars. And many note it.

Criticisms on the municipality’s page

Some comments on the municipality’s page

«Too good for Ortenzio found – Federica presses – The question that spontaneously arises is: why does the official page of the municipality share (only) one of the many unfortunately advertisements of this kind?».

«Using an institutional page for personal use, Chancellor Clara Pastorelli, is painful if not shameful…» writes Sirinella.

«Serie A dogs, obviously those of the municipal councilors, who are privileged to end up on the official page of the municipality of Perugia Danielle writes. And Second Division dogs, citizens dogs, who will not end up on the municipality’s page».

There are those who – even exaggerated – invoke criminal law (private interest in public business) and those who would have preferred at least a little elegance on the part of diligent social workers: “A little common sense suffices to understand that you can’t use an institutional page as if it were your cousin’s page, right? What if they then wrote something like: “Let’s share, this time….because Ortenzio is our counselor dog” it would have been better already».

Finally, there are those who quote the Marquis del Grillo with laughter: “The fault is not of the Marquis… It is the fault of the Marquis… who allows these things to the court… I expect that if Pepino loses the ‘galen’, he will be given equal importance».

Post on the municipality’s page

Counselor relapsed

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It must be said that she is certainly not the type to get bored, Chancellor Clara Pastorelli, who – from time to time (between arguing with the crowd over work in the stadium and bickering in City Hall) – is a few social media pearls that become a boon to opponents and websites. For example, just last year these days, he uploaded a picture of his whereabouts Wearing a fur hat reminiscent of Jack Angeli, the creator of the animator for the attack on the US Congress, also wrote a provocative comment: “Is Facebook now banning me too?”. The controversy decreased with the issue also being covered by national newspapers.

Perugia, selfie and storm on board member: “Will Facebook ban me too?”

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