Chain reaction, fortune tellers get into confusion and win an amazing amount

Lots of suspense on Saturday 14th August episode chain reaction With divination heroes. This time Sarah, Giovanna and Valentina were especially fit and it was the conductor who especially noticed this, who warned the new Tuscan rivals, called Amici in salsa. The whole challenge was definitely agonizing, also because the fortune tellers risked leaving the scene. But in the end, the three heroes not only managed to overcome the last hurdle, but also collected an amazing money prize!

Chain reaction, divas is one step away from removal

the divination They immediately started strongIn fact, at the end of the first Chain Reaction games, it collected 114 thousand euros. “I think it’s almost a record!Marco Lorne cried out praising the extraordinary results of the three champions. In Zot, it’s Amici’s turn for Salsa to try and grab the five seconds of time to grab it. Thanks to the quick response of Cristiano, who was able to connect calda and umbra with the word cosmos, the opponents of Sibyl were able to lead by ten seconds over the heroes.

for the winning dealCristiano, Luca and Valerio tried to make the most of the time advantage gained with Zot. It immediately turned out that the Amici of Salsa were quite ready, in fact they came to seize the beauty of the Nine Words. For divination, it was hard work trying to reach and exceed this number, especially due to lack of time. Despite all the difficulties, Sarah, Jovana and Valentina succeeded in the project by capturing ten words and grabbing the keys to reach the final!

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Chain reaction, incredible fortune teller victory: this is how much they win

In the last stage of the Rai 1 broadcast game, fortune tellers tried to keep as many amazing prize money as possible for 154 thousand euros in gold. At the end of the last series, the fortune-teller managed to get there with 77 thousand euros! This number was halved for the last time to purchase the third item. Between Scambio and Pallone, as well as the initials “Co” and the last “E,” Sarah, Jovana, and Valentina agree on the word Confusione. After keeping some suspense in the air, Marco Lorne finally announced the happy news:Tonight’s word confusion!“. The victory of 38,500 euros for divination!

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