Chad, the president in power for 30 years, was killed by rebels in fighting. In his niche son

Idris Debbie Itno, President Chad Just re-elected and in power for more than 30 years, today he was killed in battle against The rebels While he was leading the army hundreds of kilometers from the capital N’Djamena Against a convoy of “al-Haqiqa” rebels, which started as usual from bases in the south Libya. In some kind of coup, his place was immediately seized by the military council, led by one of its sons, Muhammad Idris, Which dissolved Parliament and promised to hold elections only after an 18-month transitional period. Then the army established a force Clothe And the borders close.

Only on Monday, as he reelected Debbie For a sixth consecutive six-year term as a result of electionsApril 11, The army announced that it had killed more than 300 “enemies.” In the beginning it was a denial but then it was true it was a statement Reality Colonel Idriss Déby Itno, the last rank identified by the rebels, was wounded.

in a country Crossing From African immigrants pointing to Libya To sail to Italy, spokesperson Armed forces He announced that the Military Transitional Council (CMT) was led by a son DebbieGeneral: 37-year-old general with four stars but above all, chief guard presidentialUnit of the fearsome elite of the princes of the regime. The SMTIn addition to international agreements, “the transition is guaranteed for a period of 18 months,” and at the end of which “new republican institutions will be created” through “free, democratic and transparent elections,” as the speaker emphasized, declaring, among other things, things, curfews and border blockades.

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The France, Former colonial ruler L. Chad And that he, with his soldiers and fighter bombers, saved them Debbie From the rebel offensive in 2008 and 2019, he called for a swift return to the Energy civil He complained that he had lost a “brave friend”. Reference to a huge contribution from Chad To the struggle of African countries St. 5 Against the Jihadists Raging in the coast The emergence of the former revolutionary and to some extent authoritarian Debbie As a fortress of stability, despite human rights violations that have turned into massacres, especially over the years Ninety.

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