Cesar Hernandez, Jose Ramirez ignite the Cleveland Indians to sweep the White Sox, 5-4

CLEVELAND, OH – On Tuesday night, right-handed Zach Pleasack watched Jose Ramirez hit Homer in the 10th game against White Sox and felt he was dreaming.

He just spent 45 minutes in the floating tank in a Progressive Field training room to help him recover from his last start. He stayed there for 45 minutes, floated on a bed of salt water listening to the sound of the waves bobbing gently on the shore.

“I was not sleeping,” Blesak said. “My eyes were open.” “But I felt like I was dreaming. I had lucid dreams.”

When he got out of the tank and returned to bunker to see what had happened, Plesak felt that he was still in a daze, still dreaming.

Well, the dream continued on Thursday night for Plesac, Ramirez and Indians. Ramirez doubled two games at home in the seventh game of four games as the Indians rallied to beat the White Sox, 5-4, and complete a four-match sweep.

The victory prompted the Indians to enter the second-place match between White Sox in the Central. If the Indians manage to overtake (or draw) Chicago in the last three matches of the season, they have a chance to host Tuesday’s three-game wild cards series.

The Indians have won five in a row and seven of their last eight wins in eight consecutive matches. The White Sox lost the top five seasons in a row.

Blissac had just allowed a three-game run in the seventh game as Chicago led 4-1. White Sox had midfielder Delino DeShields juggling walls in left midfield and midfield.

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Yuan Moncada, tied 1-1, opened the seventh goal with a hat-trick from the wall in the left midfield. He scored so hard at first that Carlos Santana swayed. After Jose Abreu walked in, Eloy Jimenez doubled down into the center’s depths. The ball exited off the heel of DeShields’ glove when it hit a wall. He quickly recovered to take third place in Abreu.

Blissac hit Edwin Encarnación, but Nomar Mazara sent a single shot through the left side of the field to take a 4-1 lead. Cam Hill relaxed and Yulmer Sanchez sprayed their shields onto the left midfield wall in the final.

However, the dream was just gaining momentum.

The Indians, having fought one round in four hits in six rounds by the Dallas Kuchel, opened seventh with three consecutive songs by Jimmy Cordero. Josh Naylor, Tyler Nakoyen and Mike Freeman had singles to load the bases, but DeShields forced Naylor to the plate on the grinder to third.

Cordero retired from Francisco Lindor on a flyball to the left to make way for Carlos Rodon (0-2), who had been activated earlier in the day. Cesar Hernandez greeted him with a single from just two rounds over Sanchez’s jump in the second to make it 4-3. Ramirez followed him with two strikes from the wall in the left center to put the Indians ahead.

The win went to Cam Hill (2-0), while Brad Hand scored the ninth goal in his fifteenth save on multiple chances. Hand retired from the White Sox in order with two hits.

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Blissac opened with seven games in a row before Sanchez scored one goal in the third half to lead 1-0. This was Sanchez’s first team this season. He was unemployed until White Sox signed him as a free agent on August 26.

The Indians immediately responded in half a third. Roberto Perez doubled the inside first base of Quchel by one. Lindor continued the run with a double walk before Hernandez drew chalk down the right field line in double count. Perez scored easily and Lindor was at the back, only to return to third place because the ball hit the stands to double the floor base.

Lindor remained in third place as Keuchel Ramirez retired on the grounder to short. Ramirez doubled two in the first, but the White Sox caught him breaking for third in an attempt to steal the third of the game.

Blissac allowed four runs in 6 2/3 runs. In two previous matches this year against the White Sox, he was not allowed to run in 14 rounds.

next one

The Pirates comes to Progressive Field Friday for the final series of the regular season. RHP Carlos Carrasco (3-4, 2.90) will face Pittsburgh player Mitch Keeler (1-1, 3.24) at 7:10 PM, SportsTime Ohio, WTAM and WMMS will each take on the match.

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