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Three days of the Artistic Swimming World Cup in Markham, Canada, ends with another Italian success. after triumph George Minisini In the men’s freestyle program, it is imitated by Linda Cerruti and Lucrezia Ruggiero, are able to score big in the couple’s free program. Consequently, Italy had two successes in the three races it entered.

An “unpublished couple” between Linda, the driving force behind the movement in recent years, and Lucrezia, who now forms a solid partnership with Menesini in the mixed duet. The Italians are the only ones to cross the 300-point threshold, with a total score of 321.2667 points (29.0000, 88.2500, 233.0167), obviously the Ukrainian pair consisting of Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva (291.6916) and the Israeli one with Shelly Bobritsky and Ariel Nassi (281.5043). Fifth place instead of debutant Sarah Maria Rezia and Flaminia Paint (272.5208).

In the free mixed duet, with Minisini-Ruggiero participating in other roles, Spaniards María Bofill Struppe and Denis González Bono won in 227.7876 ahead of Canadians Rene-Robert Prévot and Isabelle Blanchett-Rampling (206.1208) and other Spaniards Fernando Diaz del Rio Soto-Miría Hernandez Luna (194.5983). With this victory, the Iberians passed Italy into second place in the medal table, pushing the Azzurri down a step in the hatred being complemented by Japan.

In acrobatics, he triumphs there for the first timeUkraine is in this round of the World Cup. Marina and Vladislava Alexieva, Veronika Hryshko, Dovia Matsiyevska, Daria Moshinska, Anhelina Ovchinnikova, Anastasia Shmonina and Valeria Tishenko led with a score of 244.4958, ahead of Japan and the United States.

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