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Ewob – Assembly European women on boards Of which Valore D belongs to Italy – also made a file Gender Diversity Index, an indicator that measures companies’ ability to truly equal opportunities for men and women. 668 listed companies from 19 European countries were analysed, 33 of which were Italian. The index ranges from 0 to 1. One at the maximum capital, and zero at the minimum. In the table above, here’s how the Italian companies that have been taken into account position themselves. Unicredit, Reply and Fineco are on par with A2A.

For those who want to see the situation at a glance, both good news and bad news can be identified. The good thing is that due to the presence of women in the boards of directors, Italy as a whole remains at the top of the ranking and takes sixth place. Although unfortunately it is not improving compared to last year. Norway, France and the United Kingdom are the countries closest to gender parity with a GDI of around 0.7, followed by Finland and Sweden. Greece ranks lowest, followed by Poland and Switzerland. In Italy, as if the quota law has already shown all its positive effects, we cannot move forward. The bad news is that female directors, the most representative role for exercising power within the company, account for only 3% in Italy. They are down compared to last year (when they were at 4%) and in any case with respect to this important indicator, we are at the bottom of the EU countries ranking. The companies do the “homework” required by Gulf and Moscow law, but they don’t go further. And when it comes to deciding who is really the boss, they prefer the guy.

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Even if it is placed at the top of the GDI rating, there is still the topic of female representation in Italy – Valore D head Paola Mascaro notes -. The figure of 3% of women at the head of companies is alarming and shows that we are very far from equality and that there is still a lot of work to be done to change the culture of the company. The EWOB study shows that CEO-led companies have twice the number of women in senior positions than the average for other companies. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate – concludes Mascaro – to promote inclusive leadership development and the creation of a pool of female talent.

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