Centenarians Diet Secrets, Exciting Habits

To be over a hundred years old is a dream, sometimes perceived as a mirage. To ensure longevity, you should start from the table: Here are the diet secrets of centenarians. These are surprising habits.

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I own Long and healthy life. This dream is shared around the world: if fate is a major factor in that success, however, you can make choices in your daily life that can really make a difference.

We are our own product Small actions are repeated over time Precisely for this reason, it is important to pay attention to these aspects: from the quality of sleep, to stress, to physical activity, the main pillar in this sense is Take care of schedule decisions.

From hydration, to consuming fruits and vegetables, to eliminating harmful foods like fried and packaged products, one can take the example of Centenarians diet.

Diet Secrets of Centenarians: Their Habits elixir longevity

Behind the centenarians’ diet there is a series of secrets. These are the healing habits of longevity.

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Macrobiotic diet
The macrobiotic diet (Photo by Yaroslav Shurayev from Pexels)

Among the habits of centenarians, there is no shortageHigh consumption of fruits and vegetablesAnd foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Another secret of their diet is having one Purely salty breakfast.

Another trick is to leave Too long between mealsAs a form of intermittent fasting. In general, centenarians prefer a Mediterranean diet in which there is no shortage of all foods as in their motto. variety.

Hormonal Diet Reboot
Hormonal Reboot Diet (M. Studio from Adobe Stock Photo)

To detect these habits one A study conducted by the University of Teramo Where a group of elderly people from Abruzzo were analyzed and their habits evaluated. The research showed that 90% of the sample eat a salty breakfast and let a lot of time pass between meals.

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