Cdp, Tim’s grid view is ready. But the unknown remains Vivendi

TelecommunicationsCDP The offer will be Unica Network ready Telecom Italia Team, but Vivendi appears to be holding back. According to Federico De Rosa reporting Corriere della Sera on November 19, the CDP proposal ready Delegations were identified on the network. the offer Established by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is complex and should value the entire network, including debt, at around 15-16 billion euros, although the final value will be decided in any case at the end of the negotiation and business analysis of the Single Network Plan. If the specified line is in the note of understanding With Tim, this could arrive next weekend, but the main intention remains to wait term From 30 November.

De Rosa stresses how Vivendi can decide Reject the proposal in favor of other shows, after Cdp lost its exclusive rights to the network. No matter what Vivendi chooses, the final word will go to Palazzo Chigi.

Tim’s board of directors, after the resignations of Frank Cadoret and Luca de Meo, did not find itself with two directors. The Rumors The leaks indicate that other board members may have resigned with the intention of doing so Dismissal of the Council And the game stops on the same network.

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