CD Projekt reveals what an animal is –

CD Projekt RED has officially confirmed which animal it is Medal Immortalized in the first teaser image of the new saga of the magician. As many suspected that he was one lynxWhich opens the door to many interesting theories.

Confirmation came from director Robert Malinowski, who told “Well, some of the puzzles shouldn’t be so vague. I can confirm that the medal is, in fact, in the shape of a lynx.”

The shape of the medal has sparked a lot of discussion in recent days, as it could provide some important details about where and the hero in the new The Witcher, who can’t be Geralt of Rivia or Ciri. Attention, because from here we will give Advance in legends By The Witcher, albeit unofficial.

The Witcher, a medal in the shape of a lynx
The Witcher, a medal in the shape of a lynx

So the medal can represent a lot of chats Lynx School, which is actually only found in fan stories. In this scenario, after the events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Lambert, Keira Metz, Eskel and other characters establish this new school after the extinction of the Wolf School (to which Geralt of Rivia belongs). The medal appearing in the teaser could therefore belong to one of its founders or members (and thus a completely new character). It’s certain that CD Projekt RED was inspired by this fan fiction, which is not at all obvious.

Fan fiction or not, Malinowski’s confirmation indicates that in the next The Witcher we’ll likely play an unreleased or different character than Ciri and Geralt. To find out more, we just have to wait patiently for more official details.

Meanwhile, Jason Salameh, the series’ new game director, has promised that the upcoming Witcher won’t need a crunch.

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