Cavallerizza gym in Lucca is now open

from Cavallerizza Ducale restructuring One son New gym in LuccaJanuary 9, delivered to the city and high schools. The gymnasium is located in the former Cavallerizza Ducale, next to the Real Collegio, on Via della Cavallerizza.

The return to class after the Christmas holidays coincides with the official handover to the city of Lucca and the secondary schools in the historic center of a brand new system built by the county in a completely renovated building built two centuries ago.

The building was built between 1821 and 1823 by the architect. Lazzarini, trusted technician of the Baciocchi family and then completed by Lorenzo Nottolini on the recommendation of Maria Luisa di Borbone.

The new Cavalieriza gymnasium in Lucca: urban redevelopment

At the opening ceremony was present chief Lucca County Luca Menesini, President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Gianni, Regional Counselor Stefano Pacelli, President of the Casa di Resparmeo di Luca Foundation Marcello Bertuccini, Director of the Regional School Office for the Provinces of Lucca and Massa Donatella Buonreposi.

Also present was the mayor Luca Mario Bardini, Director of the Art Office for the Palazzo Ducale Arch. Fabrizio Mecchini and former director of the sector, Arch. Frances Lazzari.

Razia and Saeed President of Mininisi District: “From a covered riding arena for the exercises of young students in the Real Collegio in the 19th century to a modern gymnasium for secondary schools in the historic center of Lucca today“.

The intervention must be emphasized not only for the sporting and functional value it represents but also because it contributes to the redevelopment of an area located next to the Real Collegio, the hostel and close to the city walls of Lucca.“.

The restructuring that is also an urban redevelopment, to which the Foundation has allocated resources since its commitment to the world of education has not ended with tenders, which in the past ten years has allowed the renovation of regional school buildings, but continues and today sees an important new chapter being written.commented the President of the CRL Foundation, Marcello Bertocchini.

the President of the region, Eugenio Gianni They welcomed the opening of the new gymnasium Cavallerizza in Lucca, emphasizing not only the architectural aspect and the urban freshness that defined them as “precious” but also the educational value that such a space represents for the schools of an ancient historical center like that of Lucca.

The total economic framework for the work is around 2.6 million euros, coming from funding from the UK Home Office of about 1 million euros, 1.2 million from the Casa di Resbarmio di Luca Foundation and 400,000 euros from the Tuscany region.

For the renovation of the old building (more than 800 sqm) that houses the Cavallerizza gymnasium, the Province of Lucca has received 1.2 million euros of MIUR funding, a contribution from the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation of 1 million euros and 400 thousand earmarked by the Region of Tuscany, for a framework Economic to work totaling about 2.6 million euros.

Cavallerizza gymnasium renovation project in Lucca

It was the historic building that housed Lucca’s all new gymnasium Renewed as of 2020with new iron fittings and reworked stucco on the building’s four facades, sanded in wood to recreate a special effect of the type used for the facade of the Palazzo Buonvisi, seat of the Passaglia Art School on Via Fillungo.

It’s been done Main gymWhere sports activities will be held and smaller, single serveDesigned for warm-up and sports training. Two separate dressing rooms, with toilets and showers connected by stairs and lift.

Manufacture new coverage It required several months of work for both Al-Azma and Forming beams and trussesboth for installing a new gutter channel on the recreated roof in clay, as well as new terracotta tiles.

especially gutter channel The design created by the architect has been faithfully reproduced. tumblers. The will of the county to leave the beams and buttresses exposed is a reference to the drawings of the truss with three monks by the well-known architect Lucchese.

Internally, Cavallerizza of Lucca’s new gym is completely covered Anti-frequency acoustic panels Made from recycled and natural materials such as wood, cement, marble dust and water, which are a natural and sustainable insulator.

From the point of view of plant engineering Underfloor heatingwhile the gym can rely on controlled mechanical ventilation to ensure the correct exchange of air and electricity.

LED lightingespecially for sports facilities while the stadium floors are made of rubber resin.

The structure is accessed on the northeastern side, that is from the side of the small square via della Cavallerizza (formerly used as a car park) allowing users to enter and exit safely.

project functional renewal From the Cavalieriza Gymnasium in Lucca, it received permission from the Supervisory Authority for the Architectural, Historical, Artistic, Ethnological and Anthropological Landscape Heritage of the Provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara, as well as the subsequent green light from the Lucca City Council.

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