Caught on top of Twitter, Donald Trump’s post: ‘I’m happy’

The truth can also be of great importance at the political level. It can actually have an effect on the next midterm elections In the US, if Musk makes good on his promise to restore banned user accounts from the platform and limit restrictions on posting content.

Trump hopes to Posted a message on his social site “The Truth” Commenting on the new ownership acquired by the CEO of Tesla. These are the words that reveal a certain interest on the part of the billionaire in a very popular and very influential platform that will ensure him further follow-up and direct contact with his potential constituents. According to some conservatives, the platform can favor liberals and covertly reduce conservative voices. Former President Donald Trump is not the only one who has been banned. He is also his ally Roger StoneWho wrote on Telegram: “I’m patiently waiting to get my voice back.”

for this part, Elon Musk Since April, he has repeatedly stressed that his goal is to support and work for “freedom of expression” on the platform. Unlocking the “unusual potential” of Twitter. The entrepreneur suggested a rethinking of the social approach to content moderation and permanent bans, with potential impacts on the political landscape. To announce the acquisition, Musk tweeted last Thursday: “The bird is free”, referring to the logo to indicate the new path of Twitter. In fact, the first new arrival announced by the New head tweets From the social network was the creation of “Tips for moderating content With many different views inside. As the billionaire specified: “No major decision on content or recalculation will be made before the board convenes. “

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