Catalonia and Fox cut off from parliamentary initiatives: an anti-right-wing alliance between socialists, Podemos and separatists

The Catalonia The first step has been taken towards the formation of the new regional government. The Independence Bloc managed to acquire five of the seven offices Parliament office, The Chamber’s governing body. Laura Porras, From Junts x Catalunya (JxCat), was elected President of the Legislature and is now 10 days To calm the consultations that will lead to the next election President. Shortly before the vote takes place, I am Three coalition parties, along with Socialists It’s when BoxThey overcame their differences and signed a The Ten Commandments To exclude as much as possible Fox From parliamentary activity.

The document does not directly mention configuration Santiago AbascalBut we are generally talking aboutThe far rightThe signatories – 115 deputies out of 135 – are committed to fighting The hate dialectic Also, through the intervention spaces in Parliament, which will try to raise awareness Women pesticides And racist episodes. In an effort to “not normalize or legalize their political work,” no one would agree to Vox’s initiatives or notify them when Parliamentary blocs They will meet to discuss specific issues. Ciudadanos and the Popular PartyWho did not participate in the initiative, criticized the “hypocrisy” of the socialists. A similar initiative has actually been presented to Madrid To exclude Vox from Mesa Congress, but failed because the PSOE party had to drop one Vice Presidency.

In the Catalan case, this agreement succeeded in preventing Vox from entering Parliament office. The body is made up of President Porras, two vice presidents, one from Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and the other from the Socialist Party, and Four trustees, One each for the Socialists, JxCat, Erc and Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (Cup). The chances of the Pascal party securing a secretariat were remote however not impossibleThe four most voted names were elected and in the last legislature only 24 were sufficient for the fourth candidate. To be elected, The spokesman for the houseSince according to tradition he belongs to the second party in the coalition, he has two possibilities: the first vote by an absolute majority, 68 deputies, the second by a simple majority. Boras was elected with 64 votes, voicing Erc and JxCat, but without the trophy support, which is wary of accusations corruption At his expense. If he is guilty, he should leave office as he did Kim ToraFormer president of the general, in September, when he was unable to “disobey” after raising a banner in defense of the independence of politicians in prison during the national elections.

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Behind him, Berry Aragon, ERC leader, preparing to become president of Autonomy. Since Tora was sacked, he has provisionally ruled without the right to maneuver. With the February 14 elections, the ERC became the first independence party and reversed the balance of power with JxCat, which 32 seats, Only one less than the Allies. The victory of the Socialists, the first party thanks to the nomination of the former Minister of Health, was of no value Ella Salvador, Which, although it does not have a majority at its disposal, intends to present itself as an alternative. The deadline to vote is March 26.

The new parliament’s constitution has not been acted in absolute calm. From the start, Boras, the heir of a more radical independence Carles PuigdemontHe claimed the autonomy of the region: “What the Spanish state does not get in the elections it seeks Judicial courts. He not only does not want dialogue, but he is ready to impose on what and who can dialogue. His words indicate warnings Constitutional courtWhich, on several occasions, called on the Catalan Parliament not to discuss issues such as self-determination and the monarchy because it has no authority.

Room configuration has changed drastically since 2017, not just because of Vox’s entry and fall Citizens, It passed from the first to the seventh. While in 2017 the lists were full of positions suspended due to the independence referendum, in the new legislature there are none other than Lluís Puig GordiStill in exile Belgium, And Meritxell Serret, who instead decided to return after three years and was praised by the separatists. Embezzlement charges weighed on her shoulders ah Disobedience, But not from sedition, As in the case of Carles Puigdemont, Tony Comin and Clara Ponsatti, whose European Parliament has just abolished it immunity. The road to an agreement Rule Catalonia is still showing up. The three independence parties share the issue but not method. The Junts x Cat liberal party and the anti-capitalist Cup have different ideological matrices, while the ERC favors dialogue over confrontation with the state.

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