Castellana Grotte returns as a leader on the international dance scene

After two years of forced interruption due to the epidemic, From 3 to 10 Julycity of caves He returns as a pioneer in the international dance scene, becoming A global village with a global character thanks to the twelfth edition of WDM International Festival“.

Within the framework of the municipal villa takoniJuly 7-10, 2022, four very fun evenings of entertainment dedicated to dancing To enjoy the beauty and positive energy that emanate from the performances of talented young dancers, an expression of a delightful international melting pot.

during the “WDM International FestivalCastellana Grotte has been transformed into an open-air theater in which many performers from all over the world move. For this edition they are 19 countries present, including United States, Canada, South Africa, Estonia, France, Russia, Belgium, New Zealand and of course Italy, for a total of 260 trainees at the moment.

Since its inception, more than 10 years ago, the global dance movement has captured the attention of professionals as a prestigious summer event with exceptional quality in terms of artistic entertainment and value of performances. It offers many young and promising dancers the opportunity to increase their experimental baggage by participating in internships, the very high level of training of which is ensured by the partnership with the official. Broadway Dance Center From New York and by world-renowned choreographers who boast artistic collaborations at the highest levels in the field of planetarism.

This edition also records the participation of choreographers and teachers who represent the excellence of the world dance panorama, first and foremost WDM co-founder Michele Assaf and then Bruno Collinet, Vito Cassano, Claudia Cavalli, Joshua Pelasky, Sabatino d’ Eustacchio, Federica Angelozzi, Elias Lazaridis and Rosellina Goffredo, Nicola Monaco and Fabrizio Prolli for classical, modern, contemporary and regional dance lessons.

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The most important news of the year is the inclusive lessons for children with disabilities in the association “Bloom anyway“It is held by Patrizia Cripriori and Stefania Belotti who provide lessons, in addition to dancing, as well as music therapy to each of the boys”Bloom anyway“Both of them are members of the Association”Artists EqualWho will arrive in Puglia from the province of Milan to participate in WDM for the first time.

A project with a strong overall value because dance is a language Ancestor speaks, beyond the mind, through emotions and sensations, who knows how to tell us the joy of life, but also the pain that is expressed by the body, but also by the eyes and soul. By upholding the universal right of expression, including artistic expression, while fully respecting the diversity of each one as an added value to multicultural humanity, this new WDM project expresses its core of comparability and acceptance through the art of dance.

Also in this version there will be important opportunities for professional growth with auditions forKatakli Academy Milan and the cruise ship Royal Caribbean.

The main sponsor of the 2022 edition is Grotte di Castellana srl ​​whose generous support is crucial to the realization of the event at the Municipal Villa. The board of directors of the municipality of Castellana has recognized the importance WDM International Festival In terms of tourism promotion of the city of Castellana and support of the induced economic sector, the revival of a fruitful partnership.

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Opening night at the municipal villa Thursday 7 July with aerial dance show”with you memo“by Elina Dr. Company With choreography Vito Cassano. Greeting for Memo Dawley, founder and former president of WDM, His polite and reassuring ability to build and assemble has distinguished him between the events of a lifetime, making him a mentor to many girls and boys Whoever in his vision of art as a mixture of expressions and languages ​​intertwined with giving life to new forms, found a dimension and a way to go.

next, Friday 8 will be the turn of the WDM Gala who sees all the workshop dancers on stage, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 Finally, evenings dedicated to dance competitions.

Four stimulating evenings in which dance becomes a means of harmony between peoples, a symbol of peaceful coexistence, an expression of multiculturalism as opportunity and respect for diversity, a living expression of grace and beauty, youth and vitality, the desire to live and plan, all we need after the pandemic crisis.

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