Caspian seal massacre: At least 2,500 dead found along the Russian coast. This is why they are in danger of extinction

there Bosa Caspian ever closer to extinction. local authorities in DagestanRepublic of the Russian Federation, they found at least 2,500 dead seals along the coast of Russia Caspian seanear the border with Azerbaijan. Zaur Gabizov, head of the Center for Environmental Protection, explained that in the next few hours the number of dead mammals could increase and that the seals may have already been dead for a few weeks. Indeed, it is almost impossible to find out where they died: most likely, the carcasses of mammals, carried away by the currents, reached the Russian coasts.

The numbers paint a dramatic picture: in the last century there were so many seals in the Caspian Sea 90% drop. Moreover, every year according to some studies cited by the Ministry of Environment daghestan, they die 10 thousand stamps. Among the main reasons identified is the risk of extinction Bosa Caspian There she is global climate changesThe Poaching and theLow water level. Now, according to the Center for Environmental Protection, the number of seals in the Caspian Sea is approx 70 thousand.

The extinction of this species, which today is a real danger, would damage the unique marine ecosystem of Russia and other coastal countries: Caspian seals, in fact, are the only marine mammals It is found in animals of the Caspian Sea.

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