Cashback, Stop Refunds: What to do if you haven’t received it yet

Today, March 1, 2021, the trial period forExtra Christmas Cashback. In fact, refunds had to be made for transactions executed between 8 and 31 December 2021 during the month of February. In fact, it really started in mid-February The first transfers arrived.

According to Consap, the general company that manages this phase of the Cashback program, things have gone smoothly More than 3.2 million conversions were made, Only 0.04% of unsuccessful conversions e Fewer than 3,000 complaints. The last payment orders were released on Wednesday, February 24, so for the company posting the first period of them Cashback is officially closed. However, as of this morning, many users are still claiming to have received nothing in their checking accounts on several Facebook Cashback groups (which have appeared like mushrooms after the rain in the past two months). The Reasons It can be different, here’s what to do in the event of incorrect billing or refunds for a birthday cashback.

Cashback, no refund: what to do

The first possible case is when a user has made the minimum number of transactions necessary to receive cashback for Christmas, but the amount has not been refunded. There may be two reasons: some Transactions It is not calculated (thus the user is not entitled to a refund) or there is a problem withAre going.

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In the first case, the user can easily see from a fileThe IO app How many valid transactions have you had during the Christmas cashback period, and if there are fewer than they should, you will need to resort to Bajuba, Using the IO app help section.

On the other hand, if all transactions are in place, but funds are not refunded, a file is almost certain to exist The IBAN problem: The person typed by the user may be incorrect. In this case the user must visit Cashback claims portal, Where you will find a form where you can explain the problem to Consap and solve it.

Cashback, Incorrect Refund: What To Do

The last case of a potential Christmas cashback issue is when the refund arrives, however This is a mistake. In this case also, there are two assumptions: the recovery is false but is the same as described in the implementation of IO, or it is false but different from that shown in IO.

In the first case it is again one or more Unregistered transactions Hence, it is essential to contact PagoPA in the manner already described.

In the second case, you have to use an Cashback claims portal He explained to Konsab what had happened, following the necessary procedure to ascertain the reason for the discrepancy between the two values.

Whatever the case Consap always has 30 days It takes a while to respond to the complaint, but of course it may take longer to resolve the issue.

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