Cashback, Squeeze Crafty: The New Frontier of Digital Payments

The Ministry of Economy and PagoPA are evaluating various solutions to stem the phenomenon Cunning From Cashback, While also taking into account the complete exclusion of reimbursement. This was stated by Claudio Durrigon, Mef’s secretary, during question time in the House Finance Committee. The Northern League has also evaluated the cashless plan, which promotes the digitization of payment methods, and encourages the use of electronic money, to discourage trade in black and without a receipt.

Among the criticisms leveled against the state’s cash recovery department, there are many cases of overruns that occurred with splitting the payments, to reach the quota share. 50 Movements Necessary to receive a refund from 10% Provided by the program and climb arrangement Super Cash Back€ 1,500 bonus for more than 100,000 subscribers.

Amidst the solutions being evaluated by the PagoPA and the Ministry of Economy, there are also changes to the decree Implementation Who started the program to prevent certain types of movement.

Cashback, who are cunning and how to behave

For now it can be done More transactions In the same store in a short period of time. He made the law, he found deception, as the famous saying goes. For example, many Italians filled with gasoline a dozen processes at the same dispenser.

The Undersecretary indicated that the incidence of these behaviors is very low. According to Mef, daily transactions equal to or greater than 10 are executed with the same dealer, which corresponds to those of Cunning, Represent 0,2% Of the grand total. number Extremely Limited Which, however, measures are being studied.

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Cashback, the new rules against sly

Specifically, it will be via XX Settembre Watching Any abnormal or abusive activity, in order to adopt new interventions. For cunning, the cancellation can arrive and Excluded Perennial of the program, with the loss of the right to benefit from the recoveries is obviously Super bonus. In optics preventive Alternatively, blocks can directly access the Io app, which can only start recording their first micro-transactions.

Cashback, a huge success for the program

However, the cashback program does work. And Draghi’s government will not be ready to activate it Fine. Durigon spoke of a “positive signal” for digital payments, which are also growing compared to the total number of transactions. From 6 million enrolled in the program during the trial period in December 2020, transfer to the current program 8 Millions, With a steady increase also in registered payment instruments.

In fact, cards and mobile payment tools like Apple Pay have gone from 9.6 million newbies to more 14 Millions In the first two weeks of March.

The Cashback A share of the transaction objects to the physical position that exceeds 20% Of the total in Italy, it is constantly increasing. The 56.6% Among all valid transactions of the program an amount of less than 25 euroIt highlights the transition to digital payments for many previously made cash transactions.

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