Cashback, pressure on partial payments for the cunning is coming. Millions of repayment risk

Raced against time to seize the Cashback It will end in June. The first semester of the program ends at the end of this month after which Consap will be disbursed to those who are eligible i Refunds. But more than 2 million cashback subscribers (out of 7.8 million in total) will not see any euros unless in the next few days they make a total of 50 digital transactions required in the period to access the bonus: Those who have not reached the threshold of operations required for cashback represent 27 percent of the total number of participants at the moment. In practice, one in four runs the risk of missing out on the pay-off train. The anti-cunning checks launched by Mef at the end of May were very heavy and could have resulted in tens of millions of transactions being reversed. In the first half of the year, Cashback recorded 107 million transactions with amounts less than 5 euros out of a total of 680 million transactions processed.

Spider, seniors having difficulty: Only 10% activated it. Grandchildren delegation in the fall on a trial basis

The ‘Cunny’ who wanted to expand the reward range

A procedure designed to motivate people a to pay Coffee in the bar with the card in order to faceevasion It may seem like a good result, but in reality, a third of these transactions will be so of abusive nature And by the so-called cunning cashback. Under the treasury perspective, payments of meager sums occurred a short distance from each other by the same merchant: those who cannot justify them permanently lose them but do not suffer Penalties. The pressure started after gas station workers denounced the strategy cashbacks implemented at open refueling stations in self-service mode of splitting an entire tank of gasoline into dozens of payments, all to climb into a superstar rank. Cashback, which leads to 1500 euro prize Intended for participants who conduct more transactions in the classroom.

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To be among the top 100,000 users of payment cards and apps and thus earn super cashback money, you must have completed more than 560 deals in half the year. So the president of Figisc-Confcommercio, Bruno Prezi, which represents gas station operators in Italy. “In the first half of this year, according to our estimates, there were 20-30 million “abusive” transactions carried out by cashback scammers at gas stations. Our category has been hit the hardest: even today, innovators continue to take advantage of slots in the factories’ self-service mode to split payments as they are filled, with significant costs to managers in terms of commissions and not only, equaling an average of €100 in additional costs per factory.”

In short, after six months of cashback i gas station attendants I am tired. It was lowered to the ground in December to give wings electronic payments In order to combat the unauthorized, cashback is one of the many Cinquestelle major procedures of which only half appear to have succeeded.
In January, there were 3.2 million participants in Extra Cash Back for Christmas who reached the minimum of 10 transactions and received 3.2 million refunds from nearly six million participants and of those only 3 percent got their refund back home. . A maximum of 150 euros, while 80 percent had to be satisfied with a figure under 100 euros. As for cashback for the month of June Funds will arrive in program members’ checking accounts between July and August. Consap, which manages the payments, has 60 days from July 1 to pay what is owed to participants. As for the super cashback, the final rankings for the first semester can be found on the Io app by July 10. Those who complete more transactions in the first half of the year will have no advantages in the race for super cashback in the second half: at the end of each period, all users start from scratch.


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