Cashback, offer is about to expire: will happen on March 31, hurry up

Cashback, offer about to expire: will happen on March 31, hurry. Comfort has stretched over time, but now we’re finally

Those who are familiar with crossword puzzles and “Puzzle Week” know one of the most classic games: Hidden Wits. And this is what Italian consumers have been doing for two years, meandering between different Cashback.

Postepay (Facebook)

A word we are starting to know very well, even if there is a very Italian refund which is good to replace. But in practice, it means providing everything that the Italian consumer needs. An opportunity was also given for some time Postpaidwhich has been a part of our lives for nearly 20 years but is not as comfortable as it is now.

But be careful because what is real and tangible today may not be tomorrow and everything promotions Sooner or later they have a deadline. Like Postepay which will be permanently discontinued (excluding last minute delays) the next day March 31. And for this we must hurry to take advantage of it, because the relief is already there.

Cashback, how Postepay works and where we can spend it

What are we talking about? From the upgrade to get up 3 euro cashback On any expenses equal to or greater than €10, up to a maximum of €15 per day. Launched a few months ago, the success was exciting, and thus Poste Italiane decided to extend it beyond the first period. But now the deadline is approaching and so it is best to take advantage of it.

Instead, it will still be possible to receive 1 euro cashback Per transaction equal to at least €10, up to €10 per day, always via Postepay code. Dedicated service for debit or prepaid card holders: they can simply pay for all purchases QR code framing Displayed at affiliate points of sale.

The Postepay Cashback feature applies to payments made at convenience stores, large supermarket chains as well as Postepay code taxi companies. Then in Eni and Ip distributors, Esselunga supermarkets (those that accept payments through the “Pay with Postepay” button). On the other hand, payments with the Postepay code made at the post office and the payment of flyers at cigarette sellers are excluded from the initiative.

Postepay, €3 cashback expires March 31 (Facebook)

Therefore, the 3 euro cashback from Postepay is about to expire, but over the years the Italian Post Office card has accustomed us to constant offers. We wait for the next stage, with the belief that cashback will never die.

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