Cashback is not at risk but cunning

The first data is on Cashback By the advocates of the new Draghi government, albeit from the back rows: on the subject and above all in the famous now.Crafty cashbackThe Deputy Minister of Economy said: Laura CastelliAnd the Undersecretary Maria Cecilia Guerra. From what they said it appears that The refund will not be canceledBut the anti-cunning pressure will come.

The two main problems are (in addition to the third, entirely political, related to the debate about the usefulness of allocating significant resources to the initiative): The first is that the cunning is perfectly arranged, because Sofa POS Who is definitely on the verge of doing nothing not provided for in the legislation that gave rise to cashback for the state; The second is that It’s hard to find themBecause the transactions to be analyzed are mountainous and finding suspicious transactions is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But something must be done, at least to give a signal, and something will be done if what the advocates of the new government say is true.

Cashback: the government’s position

This government inherited the cashback system, and especially its rules, from its predecessor. But Deputy Secretary Laura Castelli appears to share the purpose, which is to catalyze the use of the Electronic payments Instead of cash. On Radio 24, Castelli explained, specifically referring to Cashback, that, “Nobody talks about detonating itTherefore, the Cashback will not be canceled due to the smart people.

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However, what do you do from cunning and how to stop them? Undersecretary Maria Cecilia Guerra responded during the time of asking questions at the Finance Committee, explaining that the burden of oversight rests on the shoulders of PagoPA, which has already begun work:Pago PA constantly monitors it in order to identify and verify anomalies“.

La Guerra always explained that suspicious transactions can be “You are subject to exclusion from the scope of the programHowever, the exclusion concerns the transactions and not the deceitful users: as stated at the present time by the Under Secretary, therefore, the most likely thing is that those who created Repeat microtransactions If you see them Deducted from the IO app From day to day.

But nothing has been determined yet. The war also said. “The various solutions are currently being examined in light of monitoring, and their results will also be analyzed in order to evaluate any changes made to the program itself.“. The Cashback rulesTherefore, they may change.

200 million transactions

To understand what kind of work he’s doing these days BajubaAnd, how hard it is to find a cashback sly, just look at the official numbers: only the first semester transactions count and not also the Christmas cashback transactions (which the refunds arrived a few days ago), it’s a question. 199.9 million transactions were processed, By 6.68 million users.

L 85% For these transactions a blanket amount Between 1 and 49 eurosSo it is possible.microscopicThe only way to find a cunning, then, is to apply this massive amount of data Filters and Algorithms To try to skip the transactions that were only made to climb up the cashback rating.

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But there is a limit: Aggregate. Actually, only data Relating to the registered user in the program, the amount of the transaction, the commercial activity, the payment circuit used, and the date and time. No one tells us what was purchased In that deal. If this is not a problem, analyze the data from Gasoline supply (Self only sells fuel), the state of the exact transactions that take place in the store varies.

In the first case Split the purchase (Ie refueling with gasoline) clear, in the second it is All this to prove.

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