Cashback, government prepares to say goodbye: Resources are needed elsewhere

The controversy raging in the past few days over Sly didn’t help take the action he was already passionate about. Cashback is now exposed to serious risks, even in the short term.

At the end of the show, the much-discussed state cashback seems to have sparked more controversy than the bonuses. Right, the maxi-refund hasn’t arrived yet and we all are Still in full swing for 1,500 euros Zoned for 100,000 people who will be the most diligent in June, but it’s the nature of the “game” that is no longer compelling. Especially after complaints arrive to the so-called “crafty” cashback, who are riding the now-infamous regulatory hole of no minimum spending and piling up transactions as if it were raining.

For now, all certainty about the extent of the cashback appears to be diminishing. In fact, Prime Minister Mario Draghi will not seem more prepared for the system than he had thought, referring it to those bonuses that he has repeatedly declared that she does not like. Also due to, and this too It was an issue raised in the past, The cashback itself may not fall within the criteria required by the European Union. A topic that has been discussed in recent months but seems outdated anyway.

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Out of cashback, Draghi prepares for a redistribution

The topic of the moment is “Recovery Fund”. The timing is rather short (around 15 days) to understand how to comply with EU directives. Cashback is also part of this discussion, the resource of which, as the government has assumed, is supposed to be. They would be better off if they were directed elsewhere Rather than repayment it is considered fleeting. From this perspective, the problem that can arise is that those who were eligible for the cashback may not only have to say goodbye to the refunded amount but also forfeit the final prize. Bad news, especially for everyone who stayed out of the “beta” and wished for the country to be one.

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In practice, those who have already received the refund can rest assured. For those who were hoping for 1,500 euros Or, being among those recipients of the standard refund, they’d better just skip their fingers. In fact, the winds aren’t particularly conducive to cashback, considering that in planning a recovery might be one of the first actions that ends up in the trash. There are 5 billion at stake, objectively not a few, the government intends to do so Allocation to other projects (Perhaps in terms of measures of employment and GDP growth.) The news is coming soon.

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