Cashback, all the news about refunds: easier payments, commissions, new app

While waiting for a file Christmas cashback, Which should arrive by the end of February The cashback went to the state by leaps and bounds He brings some news with him. Like the new version of the Io app, no-PIN and zero-commission payments. Let’s see them together.

New version application Io

PagoPa is ready to launch a restylingIo app With some important news. On the other hand, activation will be easier The optional badge Or double-circuit (Pagobancomat and Maestro type). This means that Touchless push technology will no longer be an issue There is no risk of not recognizing the transaction.
Another novelty is that other payment systems will be enabled on the app, such as Bancomat Pay and native wallets for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. This process should facilitate payments matching for those with multiple credit cards operating in different departments.

Reducing payment commissions

The government announced“Whistling commissions.” For retailers who make small payments of less than 5 euros using electronic tools such as credit and debit cards. A move that almost no operator would accept, except for a few of them.
Pagobancomat Eliminate commissions on payments of less than 5 euros until 2023, nexl Eliminate commissions on charges of up to € 10, with a promotional offer valid for the whole of 2021. Satisby, Which did not always include merchant costs for transactions less than or equal to 10 € (in addition, there is a fixed commission of 0.20 €).

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Contactless payments without a PIN, new threshold

Soon, you will be able to pay offline without entering a PIN In amounts up to 50 euros. In fact, the maximum limit for this type of payment will be raised from 25 to 50 euros.

Cashback, Money Back News: Pay attention to minimal transactions

With cashback from the state A 10% refund can only be obtained by making At least 50 transactions Per semester with possible payment methods. In addition to the regular cashback, in 2021, it will also be possible to look forward touper cashbackThis is a bonus of 1,500 euros per semester. Super Cashback, valid from January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, however, For the first 100 thousand consumers Thats the sum of the largest number of transactions.

How do you know the situation? from Io app It is enough to enter the section.walletClicking the Blue Cashback tab and then clickingYour site“side by side”Your transactions“.

10% refund and super cashback Attributed directly to Iban Indicated on the Io app within 60 days of closing the cashback validity period (thus, refunds for the January-June 2021 phase will be added by the following August 31).

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