Cash, at the age of 2, became a member of Mensa (with an IQ of 146) –

At the age of only two years she joined the prestigious Mensa International, And it is a club that only those who reach or exceed 98 percent of the world’s population can join the IQ. She became the little girl, Cash Quest of Los Angeles Youngest American Absolutely to join the association IQ of 146. ​​He has always shown us, more than anything else, a tendency to explore the surroundings and To ask the question “ WhyTh said CNN Father Quest, Devon. If he doesn’t know a thing, he wants to know what it is and how it works, and once he learns it, he applies it.

Cash Quest with her mother, Sukjit Athol (Instagram image)
Cash Quest with her mother, Sukjit Athol (Instagram image)

It tells about the miraculous baby’s mother, Sakhjit Athul InstagramThe resounding success of his daughter. All the best stories have one thing in common: You have to go against all odds to get there. Cash is currently the youngest member of the United States in Mensa. Your world! Her parents immediately noticed Cash’s intelligence. The little girl – who has her own social profilo Run by her mom – she is only 2 years old Able to name all elements of the periodic table-Select 50 US states by look and location, learn Spanish and decoding patterns.

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