Cars destroyed by hail: This policy saves you from beatings

The storm that hit some areas in the Milan region and caused severe damage to parked cars highlighted a problem that motorists often underestimate; Possible consequences of a sudden blizzard. We explain how to avoid having to pay all damages yourself.

Danger according to the analysis done by Out of a sample of over 700,000 estimates, policyholders seem to have taken it lightly considering that among those who added an extra guarantee of basic liability insurance, Only 3.5% chose a policy that covers natural events.

Natural Events Policy: How It Works

The Natural Events Policy Protects the car owner from damage to the vehicle atmospheric events Such as, for example, floods, floods, floods, hurricanes, hurricanes, landslides, landslides, and of course hail.

This includes damage to the vehicle by wind-borne objects and fallen trees, but only if these are the result of covered atmospheric events. With regard to water-related damage, damage to the engine as a result of rotation in flooded areas is usually excluded.

Some insurance companies, in the event of natural events, require the insured Provide evidence of the event via, For example, articles published in the media (online and offline), a written declaration from local authorities or, again, a confirmation from the nearest meteorological observatory; Therefore, the classic “Fantozzi Cloud” may not be covered.

Also, be careful, because in some cases the Natural Events Policy can only be purchased If added to other guarantees cSuch as, for example, fire and theft, crystals or sabotage.

Finally, before you buy the policy, that’s good Check ceilings and overdrafts. Many companies apply a fixed amount or percentage, usually between 5% and 10%, not covered by the policy; This value may increase in some cases if you choose to repair the vehicle in a non-owned garage.

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