Cars are abolished, new incentives are under way: extraordinary contributions of up to €14,000

Good news for car abolition thanks to extraordinary contributions from the state: here are the numbers and ways you can take advantage of this unique, newly approved possibility that will also allow for a decisive change in lives.

start From November 15, Rome decided to focus on eliminating incentivesA series of actions aimed at turning them into real actions Coincidence Fact alternatives forced to leave car at home based on recent traffic ban.

Eliminate incentives –

The first area in which facilitation will be developed is that of Public transport: ready a Catalyst for 2023 of 5 million, the same number also envisaged for 2024. This will go to support campaigns from before Free annual tickets for public transportation Romans Provided that the old Euro 3 and Euro 4 diesel petrol cars are canceled.

The methods are clearly expressed on the website subscriber Which will soon put the decision to this effect in the Official Gazette. if and only if Joins Transfer Bonus for 2022 already launched in recent months, which provides economic aid to those who use public transport such as trains, buses, trams, metros and buses.

But the real news is a Great incentive to scrap old commercial vehicles up to €5 and replace them with 100% electric commercial vehicles. A very important turning point also to restart the economy linked to crafts and small and medium enterprises that have been inactive for a good two years.

Vehicle Scrapping: Here are the details

So the plan includes a Incentive up to 14,000 euros For those who get rid of a commercial vehicle worth up to 5 euros and in return they buy a commercial vehicle, but 100% electric. A decisive and conscious deviation in a final direction Green and zero impact policy.

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L’Eco-state award of 14,000 euros It will specifically allow the purchase of class cars N1 and N2 are new and fully electric As long as the old one is cancelled. Added to this is another proposal within the Rome 2022 opt-out incentives that will also be extended to 2023 and 2024.

Discounts also on public transport –

It is about reinsertingPublic transportation discountIntended for employees of public companies and subsidiaries as well as private companies that will still be able to use the service Mobility Manager: Very fast and discounted shuttle service, which can also be attached to the card Metrobus parking To enjoy free parking. This will be to encourageInteraction between parking and shuttle, the key to reducing the use of polluting vehicles in favor of highly responsible and courteous mobility. Finally, many of them are also available car sharing Always on point with ATAC card.

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