Caronno, Fibs introduces the new 2021 softball season

Carono Bertosela – This morning, the 2021 softball season show was held at “Francesco Nespoli” in Carono. The “digital” press conference, which is an aperitif the day before the all-star match in which Italia Softball will play, witnessed the participation of Fibs president Andrea Marcon, director of Italia Softball Federico Pizzolini, athletes Erika Biancastelli and Elisa Secetti.

After a minute of silence devoted to Enrico Obliter, the conference kicked off with a focus on the national softball team, which is preparing for the main events of the year. “It seems like five years have passed since Utrecht, and there was a long way to go. We cannot look to the future if we do not remember the past. The situation that has arisen with Covid does not allow us to fully respect the programming we put in place for ourselves. You are working as best you can, trying to adapt This was announced by Andrea Marcon, the Federal Supreme Leader.

The Blues return from the trip to the United States that they represented to coach Federico Pezzolini: “Our training started two months late. The trip to the United States told us where we were but first of all it brought us back. It must be judged from the standpoint of the commitment that all these athletes have shown: they want to be. There, I want to be there, all of our employees want to be there. ” Italy’s softball captain Erica Biancastelli echoed: “We have to use every day to develop and take a step forward. The desire is great, this year has been useful for us to prepare ourselves more physically and mentally to face the best national teams. We have an extra motivation to play for Enrico.”

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As announced recently, the Italia Softball setup will also be expert By Mike Candrea, who will be in attendance with the team starting from day one Pre-European Rally until departure to Tokyo. An important reference also to the national youth teams, which represent the future of the movement and who are expected to face a challenging season. The 2021 softball championship was also presented at the conference, with the new logo that opens the series that distinguishes all categories this year, which will start from the weekend from May 22 to 23. “I would like to thank the companies for the work and availability that they have shown in the past two years. Last year we were the only sports that started and completed all the tournaments, where we have allotted all the titles and I think this is an achievement that must be emphasized and without the clubs we could not achieve that” added President Marcon.

As for the live performances of the tournaments, Is broadcasting Fibstv.comBut the Italian Softball Championship, In addition to the baseball game, it will have an additional broadcast platform. In fact, the Italian Softball Baseball Federation has reached an agreement with the Mediasport Group, represented by one of its most famous faces, Rebecca Valentino, which through MS (814 from Sky Package, 54 from Tvsat) and Ms Sport (10 regional) frequencies on terrestrial broadcasts Digital, which will become a national frequency in a few months’ time), will broadcast the softball championship challenges on Linear TV, starting today, with the first race of the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby from 15:00. The full schedule will be announced soon.

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