Carlotta, Influencer Defends Flash Medicine Degree: Envy Only

Against Carlotta a real one is unleashed social stormwith suspicions and accusations that fit with Discussion about the advantages Revived with the new wording of Ministry of Education and Merit. The influencer is not new to record his achievements in the school field: in 2017, he also made a mark in high school, achieving GCSE Classical 100 plus honors and one year advance. The result you paid Sergio Mattarella to reward her Work banner holder.

Also in this case, the young woman took advantage of what was technically defined “Abbreviation for Merit” (Article 199 Paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree No. 297). This is an option open to anyone who meets the requirements.

Carlotta Rossignoli’s defense – Carlotta stated Republic. “It has been said that I finished my academic career in five years, while taking advantage of the first available graduation session for the sixth year and I am glad that the university repeated it publicly. There was no shortcut, no facilitation.” But how did the 23-year-old graduate earlier, despite frequent trips to the most disparate places, documented on Instagram? “The only secrets are organization and design,” the influencer said. “I love traveling because it is cultural enrichment. Studying has never prevented me from devoting myself to passions, from piano to sports.”

Clarification from the university president Even the university defended the choice of expected graduation times for Carlotta Rossignoli. “The student graduated in the first semester of the sixth year, and not at the end of it, after receiving all the required training credits and completing the mandatory training in advance,” rector Enrico Guerlon specified, recognizing the uniqueness of the case.

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Ministry response in July The decision to shorten the period required to obtain an academic qualification for the young woman came after consulting with the Ministry of University and Research. Consultation requested in March 2022, with response in July. “It is believed that a master’s degree can be obtained as early as the first semester of the sixth year, especially after the first month, only if the student has achieved and completed the required credits and compulsory internships.”

Doubts and accusations – However, doubts remain, with many colleagues and users of Carlotta questioning the alleged disavowal of the valid rules for all other students. Is there no obligation to attend the courses? “It’s a private university, you just have to pay and you can do everything.” “It was impossible to attend Carlotta’s oral exam.”

Carlotta Rossignoli University Path – Vita-Salute San Raffaele University highlighted the Carlotta case a year ago, at the request of the student moving forward. And on November 17, 2021 he almost denied this possibility, but allowed “the two tests scheduled for the sixth during the year, with their frequency to be determined in advance.” And so Carlotta advanced to the last two tests the following month. For the certificate thesis, supervisor Carlo Paponi, who was also attacked by the students, emphasized regularity by speaking of excellent work. Finally, Year 6 training: “Conducted by a GP between September and October,” reports an internal memo from the university.

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