Cards now include a “fake” Pokemon which is actually something similar to strip –

In the Pokémon Trading Card game, a new card has been added. In practice it is “fake” Pokemonwhich is actually a file transformed as before. To reveal the real creature, the paper must be peeled off and a film removed thus revealing the pink creature. You can see how it works in video less.

The idea comes from the fact that The same, in Pokémon games, it relies on a special mechanic: the creature is only able to transform and copy the enemy in front of it. Likewise, it is possible to find among the cards already converted, in the form of a fake. It is specified that a non-naked Ditto cannot be used in competitive play. You can also identify a fake card by having a code as above in the lower left corner.

However, the most interesting part is plural. Society debates whether it is better to peel off the paper or keep it covered. On average, the second solution appears to be the preferred solution, as it does not affect the original Ditto state.

Tell us, do you find this a good idea?

If you are a Pokémon fan, you should definitely check out this new version of Pokémon Red made by fans, which follows the style of the original artwork.

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