Cardinal Edward Cassidy died, a life in the service of the Holy See

An Australian, 96, is Honorary President of the Pontifical Council to Promote Christian Unity, and has also served his mission in various countries around the world, as a diplomat.

Vatican News

Cardinal Edward Cassidy’s mission evolved between the Apostolic travels in different regions of the world and the paths of the ecumenical movement. Cardinal died today in the Australian city of Newcastle. Born in Sydney on July 5, 1924, he began attending St. Dove School in Springwood in 1943. From the following year, he enrolled at St Patrick’s College in Manley, where he finished his studies. Then he was ordained a priest on July 23, 1949 in Saint Maria’s Cathedral. From 1950 to 1952, he held an aide position in the parish of Linda, in the parish of Wagga Wagga. Since 1952, he has studied canon law at the Lateran Pontifical University in Rome, obtaining his degree in 1955. Since 1953, he has also joined the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy in Piazza della Minerva, and at the end of the course, he received a diploma later. Join the diplomatic corps of the Holy See. The funeral has not yet been set.

Diplomatic mission in the world

His first assignment was at the Internunziatura Apostolic in India (1955-1962). Then he spent five years, from 1962 to 1967, in the Apostolic Embassy in Dublin, two years in El Salvador (1967-1969) and one year in Argentina. He was ordained Episcopate on November 15, 1970. In 1972, he was conferred the position of First Apostolic Ambassador to Bangladesh, a country that had recently gained its independence, and Apostolic Delegate to Burma. On 25 March 1979, he was appointed Apostolic Delegate to South Africa and Apostolic Ambassador in support of Lesotho. On March 23, 1988 he was appointed Deputy State Secretariat for Public Affairs. In 1989 he was appointed president of the Pontifical Council to promote Christian unity. This position was held by him until March 3, 2001. Cardinal was created in the council of June 28, 1991 by John Paul II.

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Australian Bishops: A Friendly Way and an Enduring View of Christ

Australian Archbishopric Archbishop Mark ColeridgeCardinal Cassidy said that the Cardinal’s friendly “realist” style was one of his hallmarks during his service in the Vatican. He was held in high esteem in all his positions, having “brilliantly”, according to Coleridge, as head of the Pontifical Council to promote Christian unity, as he showed “not only diplomatic skill and political cunning, but also human originality and common sense.” He had – and concluded – the simplicity of a man who was called to a high position in the church but with his gaze focused on Jesus Christ. Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher On the Internet, he praised Cardinal Cassidy, saying that he had “left a wonderful legacy in our Church, especially in the field of the ecumenical movement.” “Few other Australians have had such a profound influence on the International Catholic Church – Fischer added – and I am sure it will continue to inspire church leaders for many years to come,” the Archbishop said, concluding that Cardinal Cassidy was a great supporter of the Catholic Church. It has a young bishop.

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