Cardi B talks about pressuring rappers to make new music, and says she will not release a song “Just Because”

Since then Cardi B. Released in 2019, Press has been spending her time at work sharing music that she knows her fans will love. That’s why she waited about a year before WAP came down with it Megan Thay Stallion. But even a self-confident rapper like “Budak Yellow” admits that she feels pressured to deliver heavy hits.

She discussed the topic in an interview with SiriusXM on Wednesday (September 30), admitting that “at one point, I felt like I was putting on a lot of music and I took a little break.”

“All this time, people were making rumors like, ‘Oh, she’s having problems with her brand,’ her brand hanging it on the shelf, ‘her brand got tired of it and they’re getting more female talent,” she continued. “It’s like, no, They never get tired of me. The labels, they want you to make the music out. This is what they love. They want you to blow out the music all the time, all the time. “

Cardi also touched on the double standards between male and female hip-hop artists. “The rappers are all always under pressure,” she explained. “If you don’t have a very crazy smash, it’s like oh oh it flopped, flips. The song can be like twice platinum and still flips, flips, flips. You’re always under pressure, and I feel like it’s not fair. I feel like there are male artists going on.” Two years without a song released and they don’t go, ‘Oh, you’re irrelevant. It’s over for you. ”Me, I haven’t released songs for nine months and it’s like,“ Oh, it’s not relevant. it has finished. It is a failure. We told you that. “

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And while she acknowledged that those comments were “getting through,” Cardi concluded that she “won’t release a song I really don’t like just because”.

Watch the full clip below.

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