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Carabinieri to the rescue of an ex-US Marine

Catania. As part of the coordinated territorial control plan put in place in the province, the Radiomobile nucleus of Catania ensures control over the territory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, dealing particularly with the emergency service and road safety in the different districts and districts of the city.

Constant vigilance and operational agility characterize the use of its patrols, mounted on fast cars or motorcycles and coordinated in the Territory by the Operations Center of the Regional Command in Catania, through the “112” NUE, which thus constitute an essential tool for protecting the safety of the population, providing response to distress calls .

Among the main tasks of Nucleo Radiomobile, therefore, is to protect the safety of road users of all ages, who for “deerFrom Arma, it is a strict priority.

From this point of view, a clear example of the intervention of the Carabinieri to help and support citizens and tourists in difficulty is what happened last night in favor of an elderly American. In particular, at about 11:30 p.m., a request for help from a woman arrived at the Operations Center of the Regional Command of the Carabinieri in Catania, who reported that she had not heard from her husband for several hours, after he left home from Camporotondo Etneo by car, to take a friend to Fontanarossa Airport.

After receiving the description of the man and the vehicle,deerIn the street circuit so they immediately set about looking for the man. In this circumstance, at about three in the morning, a crew located a car on the Catania ring road, near the San Nolo roundabout, which corresponded exactly to the description. Then the military immediately approached the driver, who turned out to be an 85-year-old American citizen, formerly in the United States Marine Corps, who had explained to the patrolmen in an agitated, dry state in English that he had been serving in the U.S. of his youth in Italy—between Naples and Sigonella—and who returned with his wife years later several times to Sicily on a tourist visit. Only during his vacation, the previous evening, he decided to accompany a friend to the airport, but he had forgotten his mobile phone in the holiday home he had rented in Camporotondo Etnio. However, on his return, he had lost his way in the ring road and in search of On the way back, unfortunately, he hit a pedestrian with his right front wheel, tearing him off.At this turn, he tried to change a tire, unfortunately but to no avail, so he fixed himself in the car waiting for someone to pass, to call for help.

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Understanding the situation, the Armagh’s soldiers rescued the elderly man, helped him change a tire and escorted him to the edge of town where he was then taken home from another Carabinieri patrol in Gravina di Gravina. Catania.

The former Marine thanked the Army warmly, acknowledging that he would have immediately illustrated the example of professionalism that the Carabinieri also showed his son, a police officer in North Florida.

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