Carabao Cup, Liverpool win on penalties: Chelsea “betrayed” by Kepa

London – After six years in Manchester Carabao Cup Moves to Liverpool. to happen to city New from four consecutive wins (five wins in the past six editions of Domain It was only interrupted once by United) that she is actually”redsby Klopp and in the final Wembleyafter 120 minutes is highly balanced, appearing after an infinite series of Penalties against the Chelsea by Tuchel. The goalkeeper to “betray” the London coach kibathrown into battle just to get snapshots of eleven meters And his only mistake was a penalty kick (after 21 penalties). me ‘bluesThus, you return to the same conclusion European Super Cup for 2019 (at that time it belonged to the current Roman Ibrahim critical error): again Liverpool He proves that he is infallible and after ten years he returns to raise League CupThus, it became (with 9 titles) the club with the most wins.

Chelsea – Liverpool 10-11 DCR (0-0): Stats and match report

Lots of Italians at Wembley

between ‘bluesStart with blue on the seat Jorginho And the former Inter lukakuwith the other former Nerazzurri Kovacic Pregnant in the medium near Kanté e Havertz To provide an offensive signal in 3-4-2-1 Via Tuchel, who also sent ex-Florentin Marcos onto the field from the first minute Alonso On the left and the other “Italians” Thiago Silva E Rudiger in defense. On the other side out due to injury Firmino Among the “Reds” of Klopp’s team, which he delivers to them Killer The place among the former Roman posts Alison (for the twelfth occasion) and chooses the Colombian Luis Diaz To complement with Mane and the former Roman Salah Trident Sueor 4-3-3. The first episode of Chelsea That in the 6′ Kelleher feedback tests with a central result polisicwhile entering College The one who kicked the ball out of the angle it was directed at mani. The last chance before the break, though, is the “blues”, but in a shot Mason Mount The ball slides to the side a little.

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Chelsea and Liverpool fans unite for Ukraine: Wembley is exciting

The Reds win on penalties

still Midfielder To miss the goal at the beginning of the second half (49 minutes) for Chelsea, who then lost infection Azpilicueta (in James at 57′). to drag a file Liverpool Instead try the usual Salah instead the frame But the door (64 ‘) unlike the owner Matip His goal is not allowed due to an offside he sees mouse (67′). Balance does not break ah twitch Then the card is played lukakuwithin a quarter of an hour from the end with Timo Werner (outside Mason Mount and Pulisic), but it is Havertz To score for Chelsea (78 ‘): again, but there Offside It remains 0-0. result thatredsIt can’t even be changed Diazwho saved Mindy’s finale in the 86th minute, before he had to turn thank you Keeler who is in full recovery denies aim A lukaku (95′). you go to additional And the Belgian finds the Objectives (98′), but this time also there is an offside (millimeter But approved by Var) and we get to change the field as the teams go on parity. Tuchel was probably already thinking about penalties, sending a Heating Goalkeeper Kepa throws into the fight Jorginho (Instead of Kovacic) But he hopes to avoid it when Havertz (Submitted by Lukaku) Sends the ball inside Clear: Also this time offside. Nothing to do, you go from eleven meters and enter Chelsea kiba that in the end Decide Challenge, but in the negative: after others score and move forward for the end time In fact, it is he who shoots in the sky Wembley Twenty-second penalty and extradition Carabao Cup to Liverpool.

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