Car tires: How to know when to replace

According to Italian law, the depth limit of the tread should not be Not less than 1.6 mm It is therefore important for every driver to check the condition of their tires and replace them for excessive wear.

Travel with already worn tires It puts security at risk. Tires don’t just have to be inspected during the season change or before departure for a trip, this is a bad habit we shouldn’t follow. At least once a month (experts actually recommend every two weeks) should Tire pressure check And the degree of their erosion.

It is imperative that the tires are always in perfectly good condition, as they are the only component of the vehicle’s contact with the road surface, Driving safety. However, according to official data, unfortunately, more than one in every Italian cannot identify the tire set that has reached the end of its life cycle, to be changed.

However you can try Independently check tire condition. How? You can also use one 1 euro coin. The depth of the tread, as we said when opening, should not be less than 1.6 mm; The scale exactly corresponds to the height of the gold rim of the coin. If you put the euro in the grooves, then you can see if the cap has been reached and if it is time to change the tire.

There are also other, safer, “official” methods; For example, modern tires have handles placed between the main frames that are only 1.6mm high. By the time the rest of the tread has reached a height Safety dowel, The maximum has been reached and the tires must be replaced. Obviously, there are more convenient, accurately bred instruments for this type of measurement, such as a depth gauge. Advice? Go to your trusted tire dealer.

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Another thing that you should pay special attention to Tire quality That is, not all are actually consumed the same way. It is precisely from tire quality that one understands whether the performance and behavior of the tires themselves are consistent with wear or not. Manufacturers always recommend purchasing high-quality tires, which guarantee excellent performance up to the permissible limit of wear. Think about it, that means it Tires can be changed less frequently, Less spending and less material disposal, with less environmental impact.

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