Car theft, now they steal everything like this: it takes 2 seconds | You are not safe

Breaking a window and then starting the engine can take seconds for professional thieves. This technique may seem outdated but it sure is effective especially if the thieves can act without disturbance

Unfortunately it has happened to many Leaving the vehicle parked on the crosswalk or in an unattended area And it can’t be found anymore. The sensation is very unpleasant and, in some cases, limiting for those who work faithfully thanks to their four-wheeled friend.

the Car thefts are always the order of the day Police forces will warn people when they leave their car in a Unguarded parking And No surveillance cameras. I own Voice alarm installed on your car or Classic steering lock Sometimes it may not be enough to avoid theft.

Let’s start by saying that there is no prevention without paying the slightest bit of attention to every detail. the The place where we stop, the lighting of the place, the constant presence or absence of pedestrians or other vehiclesIt can certainly influence the car thief’s decision to stop or carry out the theft.

To be targeted by thieves, the car does not have to be very expensive: often, in fact, those who steal the car do just that. Resale of its components. Outlet markets for these vehicles are mainly today Resell it nationwide or the Transportation to other Eastern European countries to a new owner.


car theft It is usually hard, stressful and risky work. The plot recalls the plot twist in Kubrick’s films: the action is slow and somewhat tiring at first, then it picks up at the last and runs away without looking back.

Solomotor auto glass break

Although modern cars are safe enough, It’s always good not to let your guard down. It is clear that the era of simple creatures and tools has not completely disappeared. Among the most tested technologies is still the glass breaking techniquemostly the rear window to avoid triggering an alarm.

It’s the classic way car theft which consists of “broken”. As crude as you want, but effective method: The driver’s side window was shattered and then The wires are connected in the classic way. It should also be warned that this brutal technique is most often used not to steal a car, but to steal a car Clean the inside. So it would be a good base Don’t leave anything in plain sight It can tickle the usual unknown’s appetite.

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