Car tax, there is a legal way not to pay it: no one knows it

This way you don’t pay the seal (web)

Car tax is one of those documents that must always be in the car and clearly valid. In fact, stamp duty is a real tax on possession of a car and someone must necessarily pay it in order for it to be intact on the road. However, with this method, you can avoid paying stamp duty altogether, saving hundreds of Euros every year…

Turning around with a car on the road requires that the vehicle we are traveling in is strictly regular in accordance with the regulations currently in force. This includes a number of requirements for both the vehicles and the driver, and even not having one of these requirements can be enough for a very high fine.

According to the laws in force in our country, in fact, the driver must first of all have a driver’s license when driving any vehicle. In fact, this document makes it possible to ensure that everyone who specifically drives a vehicle has all the necessary knowledge, both practical and theoretical, necessary to drive a vehicle in complete safety.

On the other hand, our car must have a series of documents on board with all the details of the owner, insurance, etc. Road tax is just one of these but fortunately for motorists there is a way to avoid paying it altogether…

This way you avoid stamp duty completely and not only…

Therefore, as we said, if we own a car that drives on public roads, we must have a whole series of indispensable documents on board. The registration certificate, which is somewhat similar to the identity card for the car, the valid insurance which can also be in digital form, the completion of the inspection according to the deadlines, and finally the vehicle tax.

As we can imagine, getting lost in all this paperwork is easy but there is actually a way to get rid of all this hassle and at the same time save hundreds of Euros every year by avoiding paying these taxes altogether.

Renting allows you not to worry about the bureaucratic part (web)

The solution is to rent a car. This is a type of long-term loan that works by paying a monthly fee. In fact, the rental car does not belong to us and in fact the bureaucratic part is managed by the company providing the service.

Furthermore, various services are often included within the fee, such as roadside assistance which, however, can come in handy in different situations.

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