Car tax refund approaching, let’s meet the lucky recipients

Car tax payments reach a large number of motorists, but not everyone. Let’s get acquainted with the lucky users of this pleasant surprise.

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Rumors about a box final elimination The car tax is now firmly linked to the desire of Italian motorists to put an end to the hateful tax. At the moment, the proposed law is under consideration by the government only Super seal cancellation إلغاء, part of the tax, but a positive outcome would be a sign of hope that we all look forward to. The second sign that already exists is Refund the amount paid of car tax for many motorists. Who are the lucky recipients of the surprise?

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Who will get the car tax refund?

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While waiting for campaign promises to be fulfilled and the car tax abolished, some Italians can enjoy an early payment of the car tax. We are talking, specifically, about residents Lombardy region Who will refund the 2020 stamp duty payments?

The motorists in Lombardy who received the pleasant surprise are commercial brokers, a category that has been subjected to economic sanctions since the beginning of the epidemic. The travel restrictions introduced by Lockdown have greatly interfered with the work of the freelancers involved, and they are now trying to correct that.

The goal is to support someone specific sector In a way that fulfills the commitment made by the executive authority with the regional council. Guido Guedesi, economic development advisor for the Lombardy region, explained the decision. There are already reports that other regions will soon take the same measure.

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How will the car tax provided by the Lombardy region be paid?

The car tax refund will come in the form of non-repayable grant Its amount will be equal to the tax paid for the year 2020. Beneficiaries are micro-enterprises regularly registered in the Companies Registry and still active in 2021. Contribution may be requested if you own cars, light vehicles, other types of motor vehicles and their accessories and parts of motor vehicles and motorcycles Motorcycles, bicycle parts and scooters.

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15% discount for those who can get it

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The Lombardy region proposes another facility, one 15% off on car tax. In general, each driver must annually pay a certain amount regardless of whether the car is used or not. The number depends on the vehicle’s power expressed in kilowatts and any positive environmental impact that could lead to reductions. It is possible to confirm the existence of a relationship indirectly relative Between the environmental class and the road tax. The higher the category, the lower the tax amount and vice versa.

The Lombardy region has decided that, regardless of the environmental impact of their vehicle, motorists can activate bank localization To pay the car tax and thus get a 15% discount.

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