Car Tax ‘Cancelled’: Here’s When and How

Countdown to the abolition of tax bills, as defined by the Executive Decree issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance: car stamps Unpaid, as mentioned earlier, are included in debt and will therefore be cancelled.

It is estimated that the maneuver contained in the so-called Sostiny’s repetition decree It will affect approximately 2.5 million taxpayers, for whom it will be possible to settle debts contracted with the tax authorities during the decade 2000-2010 (provided that it is within 5 thousand euros, including interest and any penalties). The benefit is guaranteed exclusively to individuals and companies who in the last year declared and documented an income for 2019 not exceeding a total of 30 thousand euros per year.

According to the terms of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, by next August 20, the Revenue Collection Agency must inform the tax codes of taxpayers who, as of March 23, 2021, were among the beneficiaries of the allowance that falls within the above-mentioned criteria. Actual excerpt from tax bills Those interested, at least with Mef’s intentions, must materialize between September 30th and October 31st.

Everything will be done without the direct intervention of the taxpayer, who will not receive any official communication, although he can at any time check the update of his position as a debtor in the personal area of ​​the website of the Revenue Agency, including the details of the Deleted folders. However, since the stamp is a regional tax, the authority will have the task of communicating the list of deleted folders to each individual local authority.

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Regarding, however, in the Lombardy region, it is possible to find more of them Privileges Addressed to motorists. For all professionals and employees who would normally use a car to work, but were unable to do so due to the traffic restrictions imposed by the government during the lockdown, the Lombardy region has in effect set a car tax reimbursement for 2020.

Therefore, small businesses regularly registered in the commercial registry will benefit from this facility, and this will be possible for both four-wheeled vehicles and scooters.

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