Car shock absorbers, with this trick they come back new I don’t change them anymore and you travel in comfort

Shock absorbers – wheels – types –

Taking care of your car, not only from the point of view of engines, is also crucial for aesthetic and hygienic discourse: every component must be taken care of, like shock absorbers for example. But you can do it for almost no cost.

Shock absorbers play an important role in the dynamics of a trolleyand beyond their own Basic function within the medium, and also has significance in aesthetic front. How do you take care of her?

nope the Shock absorption that Tires, Such as bumper etc. are always subject to He wears: If only because of the constant use and contact with it the outside I am conditioning.

Obviously caring shock absorption, Like all other components of your car, it is necessary above all in terms of prevention, to avoid sudden damage, harmful and beloved.

When shock absorber damage occurs, which some ignored preventive signs might have predicted, you may end up paying An amount of money may be unattainable. Unlike that?

Worn Shock Absorbers: How to Make New, Low Cost

The alternative, as mentioned, is the continuum watching of the “health status” of each an item Our car: in this context we are talking about shock absorption, And their way a job Based on to appear.

Workshop – (Motorzoom)

If the structural interventions and fix Of course it can not be the responsibility of those who know how to do small jobs Do it yourself Thus, the car must be driven by one specialized, Everything changes in the other case.

If we want to restore their appearance and restore the Shock absorption Our car like new, then we can Represent to our account But without spending who knows any capital. on the contrary. but how?

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Here’s a tip for shock absorbers: spend a little more and they look like new

To get a “new” shock absorber look we can use a project who probably we’ve got pre-existing house And who was born for something else entirely: and who it costs truly silly. any?

As some videos that have gone viral on social networks have shown, we can resort to the specific use of a file Shoe varnishMaybe in fig spray or even of a different nature. We will definitely have one in house.

Otherwise, it is possible to purchase it at reasonable prices: about one euro, So to speak. Once we have it, just pour it on your bumper, shock absorbers and more and see how They appear almost. like new.

Seeing is Believing: a Black shoe polish is optimized for Repeat Their own Shock absorption.

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