Car review, the trick to saving 35 euros: better than the 10-euro government bonus you have to do it

self review - (ok-motorzoom)
self review – (ok-motorzoom)

One of the procedures that a car owner must follow from the moment he purchases his vehicle is the inspection procedure: when is this done and by whom? How do you save?

Among the many “voices” that car leads to the “responsibility” of the budget, in terms of management, maintenance and controls as well a restrictions to Law, There is no mention of the infamous review.

What is the final car review? And how much happens motorists They are afraid of it, and if possible, they are also looking for some Solution to Memorizes? Let’s explain the concept thoroughly.

First of all, the fear of the diverse motorists subject to restrictions review Their car is not just in nature economic, but also practically and, so to speak, structural. With what logic?

there review Serves the car to create, In essence, via an elegant series of check And tests on the car directly, if our car is fully compatible and if everything is OK a job to duty.

Car inspection: why is it done?

In practice, it is a kind of check on the health condition of our car: the goal It is just that, prove that every one of the an item In perfect working condition, so from be able to rotate.

Review- (motorzoom)

whether for safety Both out of respect for the normal and the obvious border of the law, and review And therefore it is link, It is everyone’s duty What is with you.

But when should this be done? The basic rule says that it must be done by the following fourth year from first recording and then, every two years Starting with the first previous revision.

The problem from the point of view practical, It relates to everything related to the function related to the car: but as said in the introduction economic There is a payment due Resist. how much?

Review, costs and valid options

That’s the point: there are two options for action, and certainly one could represent, if not a hoax, then a (completely legal, of course) strategy. Memorizes something.

Motor- (motorzoom)

what is he talking about? It’s really simple: on the one hand, you can spend an amount 79.02 euros at any center to Special review which has to delegate to routine checkups.

On the other hand, you can pay 45 euros If you run review In the engine civil. As we can see, there is a big fundamental difference. Therefore, many choose this second hypothesis.

Even if the government allocates gods Bonus of 10 euros Roughly to get the citizen back a portion of the last revision-related increase figure, the above strategy will always be more effective for pockets a lot.

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