Car, now you also need a Duc to trade in, a driver’s license and various documents are no longer enough | Sting for all motorists

The new vehicle identity document will be in electronic format (and therefore not paper) and will combine the registration certificate and the title certificate. The goal is to simplify the bureaucratic management of vehicles. Here’s everything you need to know

the DUC, single circulation documentis the new unified model that integrates loan cardissued by offices vehicle registrationand the Certificate of ownershipwhich instead deals withACI.

From this point of view the process that leads Transparency in car sales (especially in the used world), in the new document we will find information on: Vehicle technical dataAnd TitleAnd Inheritance legal statusAnd The final finish of the carAnd Possibility of having liens and mortgages or administrative and judicial procedures (such as administrative detention).

The new document It will be mandatory for circulation of all newly registered vehiclesthe Mini conversionsthe Re-registration And because I Transfer of Ownership, including heavy vehicles except for bicycles, mopeds and small cars. will be available in Auto officesAnd “Bra” and the Car Practices Agency.

Introduction of DUC It is part of a review and reorganization of a series of regulations. First of all, the new one The document is not mandatory for vehicles purchased before October 1, 2021For those, the old registration document remains valid. to me Vehicles registered after October 1, 2021 (new or used), however, new owner You will have to request it.

For motorists, the news will be almost imperceptible, however new DUC provides a Reduce costs practical Simplify the bureaucratic management of the vehicle. The document is issued in digital format, with the ability to download it to your smartphone via technology QR codes.

DUC advantages

the DUCas mentioned, some features Benefits for motorists. The first, most urgent, is associated with Less amount of documents that have to be stored carefully. The second benefit for motorists is economic nature. Indeed, thanks to the new loan document Costs will be halved.

costs Stampsin fact, they will go from the previously envisioned 64 euros to 32 euros Colonel is currently required DUC. Even rates submitted for ACI performance It will go down and, according to estimates, we will have to face it Reduction of 40 euros per vehicle.

With one trading paper i Traffic police checks will become faster and more accurateIn fact, they will be able to check all vehicle information in a few seconds.

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