Car conditioning is prohibited: when the fine is activated

There is no ban on air conditioning in cars except in one circumstance. Actually two. It is a good idea to keep them in mind to avoid a blow.

If legislation suddenly emerges against automobile air conditioning, it could potentially lead to a popular uprising. It is unthinkable, especially in the summer, to eliminate such a support.

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Indeed, the air conditioner in the car It is far from forbidden. While driving, the driver can operate and adjust it to his liking, whether on long or short trips. It usually accompanies us in the summer as well as in the winter, when it is the heating that makes us live in the passenger compartment. However, upon closer inspection, there is a quirk that forces drivers to keep the knobs at zero on certain occasions. Violation of this rule can result in heavy fines. Unlike the unimaginable: when used without observing the necessary parameters, the air conditioning can turn into a freezing shower.

The case is simple, even if it often ends up being disrespected: according to the provisions of the Highway Code, air cannot be retained in the car if the car is parked. Moreover, it is also forbidden to keep the engine running while idle in order to keep it running. Probably not everyone knows: Legislation as well Very modern if not very modern (2007) and embraces a logic that should actually be known to all drivers. In fact, it is never recommended to park the car while the engine is running. Also the a/c doesn’t turn on while idle with the engine off, also because nothing nice will come out.

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Air conditioning in a car: what are the fines?

Since summer has already begun, it’s quite possible that motorists have already started turning the proverbial knobs on their dashboard. That’s to get a little cooler in the face of the outside temperatures already on par with July. It will most likely happen Someone stopped the car But the engine is running, maybe waiting for a friend of his while he’s out of the house, so he can take advantage of the air conditioning at the same time and avoid roasting in the sun. Well, know full well that if a cop was around, he could have dropped a report with all the trimmings. This position, in fact, is a clear violation of Clause 7 bis of Article 157 of the Road Code, in which the prohibition is referred to.

Specifically, it is forbidden to use the engine running “while the vehicle is parked in order to keep the vehicle’s air conditioning system operating”. A simple rule and one of the most frequently broken rules. Moreover, other countries have also imposed similar bans. This is because, obviously, Keep the engine running while idle It would unnecessarily increase air pollution. Turning on the air while the car is off will also do the same, because starting the engine is necessary for the air conditioner to function properly. Otherwise, you risk the opposite effect, that is, receiving simple (hot) air. So be careful, because the fines will be real hits: between 223 and 444 euros. No, it is definitely better not to risk it.

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