Car Bonus: Bonuses double from November: what models to buy and how to order them

Stop polluting cars: the incentives are pouring in. There are those who are entitled to double the reward for the interesting car, that is …

We’ve been talking about Auto Bonuses since the beginning of the year. Well, just over five months after the start of the 2022 auto incentives, the (interesting) reshaping has already begun. In many cases, in fact, we are talking about a Double the bonusbecause the route is now traced: The future calls for less polluting cars, More hybrid and electric cars. What is the problem? Italy, like many other countries, has not caught up with this evolving future, just think of two things: low demand (due to very high prices) and a general regulation that is still rough. Example: Let’s consider how many charging stations for electric vehicles there are in countries like Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Iceland (quite in line with the change to protect the environment) and how many charging stations we have.

Charging electric cars

The solution designed by the ministry Then it consists of economic development – from November 2, 2022 – in a 50% increase Contribute to the purchase of uncontaminated vehicles for the benefit of infected persons low income. This way for an electric car you can receive up to 7,500 euros. It was also decided to expand the audience of beneficiaries to rental companyinitially excluded from incentives, but with a half reward.

Thus, the new environmental bonus for 2022 fluctuates between amounts equal to 2,000 euros to 7,500 euros depending on the type of vehicle purchased: obviously, the lower the CO2 emissions expected for the different models, the higher the discount. Then there is a big difference between discounting with or without scrapping our car: The highest bonus can only be obtained by canceling Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 cars (mainly vehicles over 10 years old). To take advantage of the maximum discount The family income must not exceed the maximum of 30,000 euros It can only be used by one person in the same household. There are also three emission levels that have different discounts.

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Car bonus: emission bands and how to order them

To be precise: the bonus will be 5,000 euros in the event of scrapping and 3,000 euros without cancellation with a maximum spending of 35,000 euros for Emissions between 0 and 20 grams of CO2 per kilometer of vehicle; It would be €4,000 if scrapped and €2,000 without scrapping with a maximum cost of €45,000 for emissions between 21 and 60 g CO2/km, instead it would be just €2,000 for scrapping cases for emissions between 61 and 135 g CO2/km. The first scope mainly includes Electric carsin the second list plugin hybrid And in the third pound full hybrid.

Auto bonuses doubled, incentives crowded out
Auto bonuses doubled, incentives crowded out

How do you claim rewards? The discount will be applied directly during the purchase phase at dealerships, where sellers will place an order on the appropriate MISE Ecobonus website. For the user, therefore, there is no particular electronic registration. It must be borne in mind that in any case on the online platform they can also be viewed in real time remaining money Still available to take advantage of privileges that may expire before the end of the year.

Instead, the restrictions on receiving rewards have changed compared to those that existed three years ago. In particular, to access the deductions, you must: Own the vehicle for at least 12 months (you need a title certificate) and purchase a vehicle that cost less than expected in the past for old rewards. Then it will be recognized Bonus of different value based on emissions Newly purchased vehicle.

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