Capri Napoli, Pharmacosmo Cup: The open races are back in droves

I 93 swimmers Represent 11 countries And 3 continents are present in the open competitions of Capri-Napoli 2022, scheduled for 24 June, 1 and 8 July, which will open the 57th edition of the “Pharmacosmo Cup”.

After two years marked by the restrictions associated with the epidemic, a Open rehearsals They’re back in numbers for 2019, with members ready to challenge each other in singles, duos, and relays. The countries represented are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey and the United States of America, as well as Italy.

It starts June 24th with 31 swimmers in the water. Among the athletes participating in the relay is Argentine Claudio Plet, who holds the record for participating in the official race.

The three competitions will start as usual from Le Ondine Beach ClubThanks to Gemma Rucci’s hospitality, the arrival was rather to be expected in Naples, in the waters in front of Posillipo Naval ClubWhich every year will not lack support for the event, ensuring that the club’s outdoor spaces are used to welcome athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world. So far, however, the support and support of the Capri institutions are completely lacking, which, despite the contacts of the organizers, did not show interest in the event.

Event organizer and outreach Luciano Cotten is convinced of the company: “The three open competitions – he says – are again a natural precursor Official race September 4, which again promises to be at the highest level. Once again, Capri Naples helps to bring more and more people from all over the world to Naples, and encourages the practice of so-called sports tourism ».


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