Capitol Hill and Trump, a criminal conspiracy investigation is now also underway –

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The congressional committee is holding an exchange of letters that will show how the former president devised a plan to prevent recognition of Biden’s election

congressional commission of inquiry In the attack on Capitol Hill He is allegedly considering indicting Donald Trump for a criminal conspiracy.

to give news guardian which cites two sources and explains how the former president may have engaged in criminal conduct that would warrant referral to the Department of Justice. The investigation is based on communications sent by former chief of staff Mark Meadows to Trump and others. According to these messages, Trump allegedly told a number of House Republicans about his plan and the role then-Vice President Mike Pence would have played in preventing Biden’s victory from being endorsed.

Not surprisingly, committee chair Penny Thompson said he will ask former US Vice President Mike Pence to testify voluntarily this month.. Former President Donald Trump pressured Pence to abandon his ceremonial role and reject President Joe Biden’s election results in several key states. The vice president was put in a difficult position. The president was pressuring him hard to break the law. Thompson said the committee really needed to hear his views on what happened on January 6, noting that Pence would not be asked to testify anyway.

In addition, the parliamentary committee distributed emails and text messages sent by the president’s advisers, including those of his son Donald Jr., and asked by everyone, including Ivanka Trump. To stop the riots with a general appeal. Trump did it too late, When the Capitol was now at the mercy of real militiamen and other hideous existences, such as shamans. There are many aspects that need to be clarified. For example, Trump for hours ignored the request, which at one point became a call, to send reinforcements. The committee will present a final report in the coming months. It is very likely that he will recommend that the Department of Justice sue the former president for ignoring his first duty: to ensure the security of national institutions. Adding to this was that, after January 6, he continued to harass state officials for sabotaging the election result.

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The sources say the select committee is also considering whether Trump oversaw the coordination between “political elements” in the conspiracy and extremist groups that stormed the Capitol. The Guardian previously reported that Trump personally directed lawyers and political agents working at the Willard Hotel in Washington to find ways to prevent Biden from obtaining testimony on January 6, just hours before the attack on the Capitol. But the sources still made it clear that House investigators have not yet found evidence linking Trump personally to the attack. In the absence of that, the commission can only recommend a direct obstruction charge, which has already been brought against some 275 rioters.

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