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Capcom has released a new update for Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3with simultaneous release of three revision Which appears to have a slight impact from a technical point of view but may have further improved performance, after the uncertainties that surfaced with the recent next generation upgrade.

I remember that Resident Evil 2, 3, 7 ‘next generation’ patch It showed somewhat uncertain results regarding some applications, notably for ray tracing, to the point where it was deemed “disastrous” by the Digital Foundry for PC versions.

Resident Evil 7, a scene from the game
Resident Evil 7, a scene from the game

It’s unclear if this new patch will fix some of these issues, but according to some users, implementing ray tracing Seems a slight improvement.

In any case, the official notes speak above all about something else: we are talking above all Bug fix The details that happen in certain situations, as well as data management, awards and rescues, so there doesn’t seem to be any indication of corrections to the graphics, at least based on public information.

In any case, find all the information from Capcom at this is the address On the official website dedicated to the games in question, and as you can see, it is above all a corrective patch associated with tuning minor bugs, but still important in the use of the three games.

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