Capcom, Xbox Sales Much Less Than PlayStation and Switch in 2020 –

Capcom Reported sales retail su X-Box In the 2020 Much less than those on the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms, which is of great concern.

If Resident Evil Village actually drove sales to score, many other titles did well too, in terms of distribution between consoles. Microsoft And that Sony NS nintendo There seems to be an abyss.

Specifically, we are talking about the sun 400,000 copies It was distributed on Xbox in the 2021 fiscal year that ended last March, for 3.65 million copies on the Nintendo Switch and 2.75 million copies between PS5 and PS4. As mentioned, a big difference.

The data sparked anxiety and inevitable controversy among fans on all sides, who began to question whether it made sense for Capcom to continue to support Xbox. However, it is good to remember that we are talking about retail copies, not digital.

In this sense it is clear and obvious that Xbox Game Pass It has an impact on game sales, particularly third-party sales, and that users are polarized in a way.

In short, there’s a chance that those who choose to buy an Xbox today do so exclusively in the Game Pass catalog and don’t even consider the premise of buying games the old-fashioned way, especially on an Xbox Series S that doesn’t even have a DVD player.

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