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Resident Evil Village It is the protagonist of an in-depth study published in the new issue of Edge magazine, which is in it Director, Morimasa Sato He explains some aspects of the game, and talks about one of them A big surprise Within the story and the developers choose to continue leaning towards The first person to see.

Regarding the first aspect, Sato states that “the biggest surprise you can think of is what Ethan Winters awaits in the story of this chapter”, it seems, but it is clear that the director does not explain the matter in detail, preferring to leave the surprise as it is. Players who will face Date The new chapter.

As we know, in Resident Evil Village, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7, Ethan WintersHe retires to live in peace with his wife Mia in a fun and somewhat disturbing mountain resort in Eastern Europe with his daughter Rosemary. However, his life is turned upside down with the arrival of Chris Redfield, who appears to have become an opponent of Ethan.

However, it appears that a huge unknown surprise will be expected along its path throughout the match, according to reports from Sato. Additionally, the director also talked about casting a show in Personal, Which is a quintessential adaptation of the series’ already classic structure in Resident Evil 7, but is still appreciated by many.

“There were initially conflicting opinions within the team that the third-person view could bring a different style of play to the players. FightingBut I am convinced that the self allows us to express a feeling to the fullest A close and personal fear The hero suffered, in addition to despair in the Ethan Winters story, “said the director.

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We recently estimated that the combat system would include blocking and kicking and that Resident Evil Village was inspired by a specific chapter in the saga.

Resident Evil Village uses first-person viewpoint to heighten fear
Resident Evil Village uses first-person viewpoint to heighten fear

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